The four day chocolate making process begins...
The beans are sorted by hand to remove any foreign materials or less than perfect quality beans. Each batch of chocolate invader is made from beans from one region. The genetics, climate, and post harvest processing effect the final flavor of cocoa beans from every region, yielding unique flavors from origin to origin.
The beans are slowly roasted and then the shells are removed.
We mix cocoa with evaporated cane juice and cocoa butter.
The cocoa grinds in a granite melangeur for 4 days. When complete, its texture is extremely smooth and the flavor is nuanced and in balance. The mill uses two 40 pound granite wheels to refine the particle size of cocoa until grittiness is no longer detected on your palate.
Tempering and Molding
Once finished, the chocolate is tempered and molded into invaders. Tempering is the process by which chocolate is warmed and cooled to specific temperatures in order to induce the propagation of stable cocoa butter crystals. Proper tempering will allow the chocolate to set shiny and have its characteristic snap.
Chocolate Invader

The design behind the Chocolate Invader...
Technical Specifications
We designed the invader in 3D CAD. You can download the STL model for our chocolate invader here.
The Model
This is a 3D representation of the Chocolate Invader to the specifications above; click the image to see it in action.
Our design was produced on a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine to create our mold. The metal plate was then used to thermoform plastic, creating the molds we use to shape the chocolate into an invader.